Welcome to the Kuali Financial System!

The Kuali Financial System (KFS) is used to process accounting transactions, purchasing and accounts payable, asset management, labor distribution as well as other financial functions. The data from KFS is exported to JasperSoft for the creation of University reports such as account transactions, month end, encumbrances, statement of payroll charges and a large selection of other financial reports by division, department, sub-department and account that are accessed through KFS Web. KFS is accessible by the staff for the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP), University of Maryland, Eastern Shore (UMES), University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES), and University of Maryland System Office (USMO).


FY22 Monthly Accounting Closing Schedule
Month End Day of the Week Date Payroll Pay Periods Included
July (FY22) Friday 07/30/2021 PP01; PP02
August Tuesday 08/31/2021 PP03; PP04
September Thursday 09/30/2021 PP05;PP06
October Friday 10/29/2021 PP07; PP08; PP09
November Tuesday 11/30/2021 PP10; PP11
December Thursday 12/23/2021 PP12; PP13
January Monday 01/31/2022 PP14; PP15
February Monday 02/28/2022 PP16; PP17
March Thursday 03/31/2022 PP18; PP19; PP20
April Friday 04/29/2022 PP21; PP22
May Tuesday 05/31/2022 PP23;PP24
June Thursday 06/30/2022 PP25; PP26; PP27
June (Interim) Friday 07/15/2022 N/A
June (Final) Friday 07/22/2022 N/A
July (FY23) Friday 07/29/2022 PP01; PP02


Web Accessibility - Office of the Comptroller 4100 Chesapeake Building, College Park, MD 20742





The Division of IT is upgrading the CAS login which will cause the Historical KFS Reports Menu not to work as it is now. The menu has been moved to be included with the Administrative Reporting Portal. From there you will have the choice to use the Historical KFS Reports Menu.

Quick Tips Guide for New Portal

How to get Administrative Portal Menu

How to View Obsolete Reports

How to get Histroric KFS Reports Menu

Directions for removing Travel and PO Encumbrances can be found on these links:

Travel Encumbrance Removal

PO Encumbrance Removal

Month End Notice:

KFS month end processing is completed. The reports for May are now available.


KFS training registration is available. Please go to the Training menu and select the Training Registration for more details.