KFS Frequently Asked Questions

What is the preferred browser for KFS?

Firefox is the preferred browser for KFS. The latest version of Firefox can be downloaded from this link.

What is VPN?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. A VPN provides an encrypted and secure connection “tunnel” path from a user's machine to its destination through the public Internet. Additional information can be viewed from this link.

In order to connect to the Kuali Financial System (KFS) users MUST already be connected to the campus VPN with the UMapps profile/group BEFORE trying to connect to the KFS. VPN Software is available via the IT Service Center and includes the download and software installation instructions. Click on this link to download the Windows VPN client. Click on this link to download the Macintosh VPN client.

Why are we replacing FRS?

FRS has reached the end of its useful life. FRS technical staff is not readily available for continuing mainframe technology. UMCP is not up-to-date with "best practice" functionality.

What is Kuali?

Kuali is a consortium of institutions and commercial affiliates working together to develop software for higher education by higher education using best practices. More information can found at http://kuali.org.

Why Kuali?

Commercial off the shelf (COTS) products cost tens of millions of dollars to procure and implement and maintenance charges can approach $1 million per year. These commercial programs do not focus on the needs of higher education.

Do We Have the Right KFS Expertise?

UMCP has been providing functional and technical expertise to the international Kuali Foundation for the past several years. Our central UMCP KFS Team understands how to use KFS to support our business. In addition, the University hired Navigator Management Partners and Vivantech to provide additional consulting and implementation expertise.

What Functionality Will Be Included?

KFS Phase I will provide Chart of Accounts/General Ledger, Purchasing/Accounts Payable, Capital Asset Management, Labor Ledger, electronic documents and reporting capabilities that are comparable to FRS. KFS Phase II will provide updated Statement of Payroll process and enhanced reporting capabilities. KFS will replace FRS at UMCP, UMES, UMCES, and USM.

What Improvements Can I Expect?

You can expect a new set of electronic documents that will help facilitate and automate current processes. Specifically, the requisition form will be automated along with the current ELF forms for JV's, Procurement and Accounting Transfers. The new system will allow you to better track the status of requisitions and purchase orders as well as provide you with an improved workflow of electronic forms.

When Will the Implementation Occur?

Currently, implementation for KFS Phase I is expected to occur on January 6, 2014. There is no date set for an implementation for KFS Phase II.

When Can I Expect to Be Trained?

Initial training will begin about two months prior to implementation and will continue after the go-live date.

Whom can I contact for more information?

Contact the liaison for your group (KFS Unit Liaison), or send email questions to kfs@umd.edu.


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