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KFS Tips of the Day

Automatic Purchase Order (APO) Tips

An APO is a requisition in Kuali; the APO equates to the Small Procurement Order (SM) AND the Master Contract Release in our previous ELF system.  To make sure you issue an APO, and do not mistakenly route a Requisition to Procurement for processing, remember the following tips:

For less than $25,000 APOs, complete the requisition and. . . .

  • Leave the “PO Not to Exceed” field blank
  • Make sure your total is greater than $0, but does not exceed $25,000
  • Select the vendor name: Under the Vendor Tab, in the Vendor Address section, use the magnifying glass to search for a vendor from the database; click on “return value” to insert the vendor on to the APO (do not include additional vendor names)
  • Leave the “Restricted” check box Under the Add Item Tab unchecked
  • Send agreements and contracts associated with APOs to the Delegated Procurement team,, x55834 for review and approval.

For APOs tied to a Vendor Contract, complete the requisition and. . . .

  • Under the Vendor Tab, in the Vendor Info section (not the Vendor Address section used for less than $25,000 APOs) click on the magnifying glass to search for and select the Contract Name of the campus wide contract (previously known as Master Contract) from the database.  Click on “return value” to insert the vendor contract name.

How will you know if your request went through as an APO?   After submitting your request you will see a note at the bottom of the form that reads “Requisition did not become an APO” – the reason it did not become an APO will be provided.   That means the requisition was sent to Procurement & Supply for processing.

Tips from Procurement

Remember to select the correct Procurement Address on Requisitions.  For example, University of Maryland College Park has three (3) different Procurement Offices that process Purchase Orders.  Selecting the correct Procurement Address will assure that your Requisition gets routed as quickly as possible.  Refer to the training tutorial Creating a Requisition for a complete description for each Procurement Address.

To use a Vendor Contract on a Requisition (previously called MASTER CONTRACT in ELF) go to the Vendor Tab and you must select the Contract Name and search for the Vendor Contract.  Once you find the correct Vendor Contract hit return value to pull the contract onto the Requisition.  Refer to the training tutorial Creating a Requisition using a Vendor Contract for a complete description on how to select a Vendor Contract.

Statement of Payroll Charges Announcement:

In an effort to further capitalize on the seamless functionality, transparency, and enterprise data advancements of the University’s KFS Financial System, the KFS Project Team is pleased to announce the implementation of the new KFS Statement of Payroll Charges (SOPC).

Effective today, 1/16/2015 the new SOPC will replace the current FRS SOPC which will continue to be generated until the end of this fiscal year.  The KFS SOPC report has the same look and feel of the former FRS report.

  1. Please review the linked document 
  2. Please use the following link:  KFS Web > Department Reports > Labor Ledger Report . LDP290: Department Statement of Payroll Charges
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